aparatus®, a source of purpose and durability within product design, tailored to artisans and grafters. Designed by Palmer, the brand connects the unique sartorial needs of underground cultures with high-quality materials and artisanal production. 

The foundation for everything we produce starts with function, swiftly followed by form. Using this formula, we’re able to create a unique design tailored toward those needs, naturally benefiting the user. 

Being born and based in London, Creative Director and Founder, Palmer, has access to a culture that is as diverse as it is influential, giving him the desire to create and push innovative ideas that emerge above the rest, maintaining function over form. 

Established in 2017 after a personal accessory gained significant recognition, the brand was born under the former name 'Palmer Pouch' that offered a bespoke service, specialising in bags. As Palmer grew within street culture, he started to work closely with top talents from the worlds of art, music and fashion, eventually gaining the knowledge and resources to launch aparatus®.